Sawaed19 signs a cooperation agreement with the Art to Heart Institute

Nablus – Sawaed19 and The Art to Heart Institute signed a cooperation agreement under which Sawaed19 offers intelligent matchmaking service with volunteers, including the preparation of an account for the association, Publishing voluntary initiatives and opportunities, To facilitate the recruitment of volunteers for these opportunities locally and internationally, Facilitate communication with volunteers through the platform, And publish the events of the association.

Sawaed19 was represented by Hiba Awaysa, founder and director of Sawaed19 , And Mrs. Suha Al-Khufash presented Art to Heart Institute, Founder and Director of the institute, Several topics were discussed on ways to cooperate and promote organized volunteering within the Foundation, particularly in the Masar project aimed at community participation in the Old City of Nablus.

Art to Heart is a modern institution founded in 2016 with the aim of community and economic empowerment of people with special needs and marginalized groups through art. The foundation is qualitative in its service nature to these groups, which can empower the community on the one hand and social integration on the other.

One of the activities of the association is the use of art of all kinds, From music to fine art and mosaics to theatre and exhibitions of the products of the special needs society and others