Sawaed initiated a workshop entitled “Volunteering: Prospects and challenges”



A survey of 480 researchers carried out earlier this year by The Sawaed team on “The Reality of Volunteering in Nablus” revealed that 95 volunteers believe that their experiences of volunteering are successful and achieved their goals, However, 63 members of the sample believe that volunteering in our society is random, Sixty-eight of the respondents believe disintegrating volunteer activities. In light of these findings, the team organized a workshop entitled “Volunteering: Challenges and prospects” under the auspices of the Municipality of Nablus and in partnership with its cultural center Hamdi Menko and in cooperation with Nablus governorate, Approximately 45 participants participated, Representatives of 25 official and community institutions and a number of active youth initiatives in the city

The workshop opened with a welcome from the representative of Nablus Municipality, public relations coordinator Alaa Al-Jitan, He thanked the initiators and participants for this approach, which aims to organize volunteer work and invest human energies and direct them to serve the community, stressing that the Municipality of Nablus harnesses all its potential through its cultural centers and public relations to promote and organize volunteer work, pointing out the importance of joining and promoting all efforts and active participation by official and private institutions and all those working in the field of volunteering in various fields. Mr. Hakim Abu Aisha, representative of Nablus Governerate , expressed the province’s interest in this community orientation as a demonstration of the depth of our national affiliation and as one of the most important pillars of building communities, Noting that volunteerism was at the forefront of national action in the early 1980s, Through youth and community efforts that have provided many role models to serve the community and provide assistance to others.

Miss Hiba Awaysa, the founder of Sawaed, specializes in strategic planning, explained that this initiative is the result of youth efforts that analyzed the reality of volunteer work in the city of Nablus in particular and Palestine in general in order to identify the challenges and problems facing this sector, and come up with mechanisms towards meaningful volunteering that elevates social, humanitarian and national work Through the development of a smart system in voluntary work in partnership with all stakeholders and beneficiaries of it. It is reported that the Sawaed team includes Dr. Mona Dumaidi, the team’s specialist in knowledge management, and Leen Abu Bakr, who specializes in developing services and user experience, and she is a specialist in digital marketing.

She added that this workshop aims to highlight the most important results of the research and its participation with the generous presence, which will be the basis for discussing the challenges from the perspective of individual institutions and entrepreneurs, Finally, they are involved in formulating strategies that will address these problems and move volunteerism to a new phase of organization, excellence and continuity in order to optimize the investment of youth energies and available possibilities. All participants, representatives of official and private institutions and volunteers, stressed the importance of this meeting as it brings together parties related to volunteer work to develop a common vision and vision based on their experience and experience to a vision and strategy that will manage and develop volunteer work to achieve its goals that serve the community in all its sectors and seek to promote belonging and community participation by all segments of society. The workshop concluded several recommendations, including promoting the concept of volunteerism in the community, And to develop voluntary programs that fit the needs of the community, In addition to joining together and uniting efforts among all relevant parties to manage volunteer work at the city level, Strengthening channels of communication between entrepreneurs and institutions.

Some Results that are worth to mention!


The drawing on the left shows that the atom of volunteerism is for young people between the ages of 15 and 29, However, there is a close relationship between progress at work and the volunteer’s view of, The randomness of volunteer work in the Palestinian society, which means that volunteer activities are decentralized, based on scientific foundations and based on the needs of society, In addition to the youth volunteer initiatives, which are constantly increasing to take the form of “informal volunteering”, i.e. which does not depend on institutions to embrace and provide them with the necessary.





The problem does not stop at the randomness of volunteering, Rather, it goes beyond the fact that non-profit organizations do not increase in number compared to the growth of the Palestinian population, where according to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, the population growth rate is estimated at 10 during the years 2007 and 2017, However, the number of ineligible institutions is fairly constant, And what adds to it is the burden of serving a larger segment with the same possibilities and resources available, This means the need for organized volunteer work, which depends on the competence of those who are qualified to facilitate the work of institutions as needed.




It is worth mentioning that this meeting came with the participation of Nablus Governorate, Ms. Hala Anabtawi, President of the Social Cultural Charitable Society, Ms. Hayat Al-Baza, President of the Child Welfare and Mother Guidance Association, Ms. Marah Al-Taher, representative of the Red Crescent Society, Mr. Fayez Al-Zagha is a representative of the Trade Union Supremo, Mr. Taher Bakir is a representative of the Hakaya Theatre, Ms. Inas El Masri is a representative of IDC, In addition to Ms. Hana Hamdan, representative of the Palestine Achievement Foundation, Mr. Kamal al-Masri is a representative of the Meteor Foundation, Mr. Tarek Assida is a representative of Global Shapers, Nablus branch, Mr. Adnan Boubli, volunteer officer at The Hamdi Menko Center, Mr. Mohammed Al Haj Hamad of the Medical Students’ Union, And many volunteers from the Hand-to-Change Initiative, And the youth municipal council, and the debate community.