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Volunteer Management System (VMS)

We believe in voluntary work, appreciate the the volunteering efforts, and recognize the importance of keeping up to date with technology trends; that-s why we offer you a comprehensive system for managing the volunteering processes and activities from A to Z. Through Sawaed19-s VMS, we help you to focus on your impact by facilitating the recruitment of volunteers, managing volunteering opportunities , and measuring the social impact.

Why Sawaed19-s VMS?

Skilled-Volunteer Matching

Initiative Management System
Through recruiting volunteers, scheduling and assigning tasks, following up, and on-platform communication

Two-way Evaluation

Easily creating reports and measure impact

We aim to leverage innovation in your organization

We offer fully customized consulting and training services tailored for your needs

Consulting services

  1. Digital transformation of non-profit organizations
  2. Strategic planning and institutional development
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Customized Training

  1. Community Building
  2. Innovative and Creative thinking
  3. Enterprise Strategic Planning
  4. Content Management
  5. Project Management
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