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We are a group of passionate volunteers committed to be change agents. We realized the value of volunteering and its impact on volunteers, Non-Profits, Business Sector and the society as a whole.

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Watch: Our Social Experiment

Sawaed19 launched its first social experiment to show Adam’s story in the future who will face many challenges if we didn’t act today!.

We re-invested the “Cinema Box” that were being used used last century to yell stories from the past, but today, we can see the stories from the future through comic animations that are fully implemented by Sawaed19 team.

3 Findings from the study of

“The Volunteering Situation in Palestine”

In 2019, Sawaed19 team conducted a study on  480 Palestinian youth and NGOs, and our main findings are:

Randomness in Human Force Allocation

We are facing a real problem of disorganized and random activities in the voluntary work. knowing that 68% of volunteers are believing in that, and roughly 71% of NGOs as well.

The Economic Value of Volunteering in Palestine

The economic value of volunteering exceeded the $150 million in Palestine, $167 billion in America, $41 billion in Canada, and these amounts varies based on the number of volunteers in each country.

Volunteering Among the Palestinian Youth

We are doing well in volunteering, where almost  30% of Americans are volunteering, 44% of Canadians and 28% of Palestinians.

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Meet Sawaed19 Team

Different background and experiences but one passion! We belong to the community that teaches us how to love the social work, and based on our experience we want to take it to the next level through a digital volunteering ecosystem

Hiba Awaysa

Founder of Sawaed19 – CEO

Leen Abu Baker

Co-Founder – Innovation and Volunteers Journey Leader

Muath Abu Raed

Co-Founder – System Developer and Technical Support