Palestinian heritage fashion show in stone and story

At the initiative of our “Torathna Kanaane” Project, led by Ms. Lina Nabulsi and in collaboration with heritage fashion designer Imtiaz Abu Awad and her team of models and hosted by Karima from The Turquoise Hotel in the Old City of Nablus, The heritage fashion show, which represents the heritage identity, was organized from the fashion perspective of Palestinian cities from the far north to the far south. The cultural and historical dimension of each costume was presented by designer and researcher Imtiaz Abu Awad, who provided an explanatory account of the fashion art that each city represents.



It is noteworthy that the attendees were a diverse men and women and interested in the field of heritage and get acquainted with the monuments of the city up close where the opening of the presentation with a welcome speech from Mr. Basil Linen about the Hotel Turquoise, And an introduction to the stone initiative and a story through Ms. Hiba Awaisa


Watch Al- Madena TV’s coverage of the event