Spend and don’t go overboard in the time of the corona


Sawaed, in partnership with the Be Academy Training Center, launches an educational awareness initiative on the economic situation, consumer consumption analysis and home economy management through social media platforms in the context of the Corona Pandemic, which has gone from a medical crisis to a global economic crisis.

This initiative comes to meet the need of the community in terms of education to educate them in a simplified way using the method of infographics and animated infographics on several aspects ranging from understanding the general economic situation to tips in rationalizing consumption and managing the household economy to meals at low cost and a healthy food representation that responds to the needs of the body, In cooperation with experts in this field, Who are

The themes of the initiative
  1. important economic concepts such as the economic cycle, and recession and their consequences on the individual and the cash-flowing society, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Bad debt, Basic expenses and others
  2. Economic explanations of what things will be like after the Corona pandemic, where it is important to clarify and simplify information to the general public about economic forecasts and predictions for the upcoming months, For example, its impact on consumer developing countries, And developed countries, And how it will affect the Palestinian economy, And so on.
  3. Consumer advice to regulate and rationalize consumption and the importance of the home economy and the role of the family in it
  4. Suggested diets at the lowest possible cost to meet the body’s metabolic and calorie needs
  5. Practical applications and tools to help us control consumption in the midst of the Corona crisis