Sawaed19 from Palestine Launches Innovative Volunteer Work Management System


Sawaed19, a community startup from Palestine, has announced the launch of its new and innovative volunteer work management system, which bears the same name as the company. This system marks a significant step towards facilitating, encouraging, and organizing volunteer efforts within the community.

The Sawaed19 system aims to provide an integrated platform connecting volunteers with organizations in need of volunteer services. The system offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to register their information, skills, and interests. Based on this, they can select suitable volunteer opportunities. It also enables organizations to publish volunteer opportunities and efficiently manage community initiatives with volunteers, ensuring effective and streamlined communication.

Sawaed19 Community CEO and Founder, Heba Awaissah, stated, “We are proud to launch the Sawaed19 system, which leverages technology to serve our community and harness the energies, experiences, and skills in the best possible way. This allows us to maximize the social impact, not only with volunteers in Palestine but globally. Through this system, we aspire to achieve an effective and positive impact on people’s lives and support social and humanitarian causes, in parallel with our field efforts to develop volunteers’ skills and institutions in innovation, creative program design, attractive volunteer programs, and specialized training in various Palestinian cities.”

Lina Abu Bakr, responsible for innovation and user journey at Sawaed19 and co-founder, emphasized the importance of the system and its impact in saving time and effort for both institutions and volunteers. It facilitates effective project management and task execution while ensuring seamless communication between institutions and volunteers through assessment and flexibility in planning their volunteer projects and opportunities. She added that the Sawaed19 platform will also generate detailed reports and send them to institutions via the system, allowing them to stay informed and monitor the progress of their volunteer activities. This aligns with Sawaed19’s commitment to making the volunteer experience enjoyable and effective for both institutions and volunteers alike.

The launch of the Sawaed19 system reflects the spirit of innovation prevailing in the emerging scene in Palestine. This system demonstrates the ability to achieve a positive transformation in how society interacts with current challenges through innovative technology and a comprehensive solution for managing volunteer work.

In conclusion, the Sawaed19 team invites institutions and volunteers to join the system through the link and take advantage of the benefits it offers. They express their enthusiasm and anticipation for witnessing the change that the system will bring, driving the wheel of volunteer work forward and towards digital transformation.

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