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Volunteering Insights Worth Spreading

Women are more welling to volunteer worldwide

According to UN Volunteers report, 57% of volunteers around the world are women, which is a phenomena across all countries except Asia area.

It’s also the same when it comes to Palestine according to our study where Women contributes more than 75% of overall volunteers

The economic value benchmark

We are doing well in volunteering, where almost  30% of Americans are volunteering, 44% of Canadians and 28% of Palestinians.

The economic value of volunteering exceeded the $167 billion in America, $41 billion in Canada and $150 million in Palestine.

Number of NGOs is not growing as number of beneficiaries

As number of Palestinians grew 30.5% in 10 years (according to PCBS), Number of institutions is almost stable along this period. As a result, more load will be added to the current NGOs to serve more people and meet the society needs.
A collaboration between the government and NGOs is necessary to bridge this gap

Random Volunteering is a crucial problem

According to our study, we are facing a real problem of unorganized and random activities in the voluntary work. knowing that 68% of volunteers are believing in that

The increase of informal Volunteering

According the UN Volunteers report, the increase of informal volunteers instead of volunteering through NGOs is increasing worldwide

Volunteering is for all

According to our study, there is no significant difference in the volunteering ratio neither based on educational levels nor the profession

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