Sawaed begins its services with the Social Cultural Charity Association

Sawaed’s team met with the board members of the Social Cultural Charitable Society, one of the leading institutions in social work in Palestine, to discuss ways of cooperation between the association and Sawaed, Where it was agreed on several practical steps to serve the activation and activation of volunteer work in line with the vision of the association and its objectives, It is noteworthy that the main step is to evaluate the status of the association and come up with a strategic plan that will strengthen the role of the association collectively and achieve higher efficiency in the production of its products and self-sufficiency in reducing the need for donations to minimize operational expenses and convert them for the purposes of expansion or development of the institution and facilities

“It was a Fruitfull and meaningful meeting you, thank you for your attendance and cooperation with us” Ms. Zoha Shaheen, member of the board of the association

Therefore, After an analysis of the financial situation of the association, brainstorming sessions and discussions with the association’s governing body, Sawaed presented strategic directions that would promote the facilities of the Cultural Association, And raise the efficiency of production for the departments of food and sewing, Apart from the importance of marketing and spreading in the local community through the development of the association’s own brand, We have facilitated the development of a website for the association and an exhibition of its products and services at the headquarters of the Palestinian Telecommunications Company,

About the Social Cultural Charitable Society

Founded in 1945, the Charitable Social Cultural Association was the first institution to have the necessary need whenthe mayor was baptized and was transformed into an independent, stand-alone association in 1994 with humanitarian motives and objectives that were and continue to be a beacon for all successive bodies in their administration. The association is working to raise the level of Palestinian women collectively, culturally, technically and healthily that will bring them good and progress. These objectives are achieved by studied scientific methods that are in line with the demands of society and keep pace with the development of the world.

The association has established several centers supervised by committees of the administrative body headed by the president of the association to follow up and provide its requirements, namely the house of love and harmony for the elderly and the center of food in addition to the sewing operator and the nursery of the typical children

The aims of the association are to raise the level of women culturally, socially and healthly and raise the professional level for them, helping the readers and the needy and the financially and financially and the allocation of grants to the students of the society with whom, the suffering of the unemployed.

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