Sawaed networking Palestinians in the diaspora to serve the Palestinian community


Sawaed participated in the second expatriate conference, which took place over the 15th and 16th of July 2019, At Al-Najah National University, Nablus. With the participation of hundreds of Palestinian expatriates and private and public actors, participants were networked and shared with inspiring ideas and projects that would serve Palestinian society, encourage foreign investment in Palestine and encourage economic movement to and from Palestine.


Our message to all Palestinians in the diaspora
You’re our window out, We draw from you different experiences, experiences and cultures. And Sawaed is your gateway to Palestine to be close to volunteering activities and institutional activities and participate in them and initiate
The economic value of volunteering exceeds millions of Dollars.

According to countries’ experiences in volunteering, The economic value of volunteering in America is $167 billion through 77 million volunteers for 2018, Palestine reaches $150 million from 700,000 volunteers for the same year. In any case, the percentage of volunteers of citizens is close between America and Palestine, where it was 30 and 26, respectively, According to the Central Bureau of Statistics of America and the research that has been carried out, It’s got a team of arms, It is remarkable that 77 Palestinians abroad are seeking voluntary opportunities to serve their motherland, 60 of them consider participating in voluntary initiatives to serve The Palestinian community when they visit Palestine as their first priority, Here we find the convergence and interest in volunteering between Palestinians at home and abroad, However, the tools available do not meet the aspirations of volunteers in terms of mechanisms for seeking voluntary opportunities, which I seek to establish within a volunteer system rich in ideas and with a greater societal impact.

Three key services provided by Sa’ad to Palestinian expatriates

  1. Building relationships: The platform will provide users with the opportunity to participate in volunteer opportunities and initiatives in Palestine, Which suits their passion and interests.
  2. Sharing experiences:The platform contributes to the bridge of gap between Palestinians inside and outside Palestine through the sharing of knowledge, experience and networking
  3. Knowledge of the world:Sa’ad allows its users to identify institutions with all their activities and achievements, as well as volunteers and know their needs through specialized studies

Watch Sawaed’s participation in the conference

مشاركة سواعد بمؤتمر المغتربين الثاني- نابلس

The journey is still in its infancy, Follow us, join us and support us